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 JTWhatsApp APK v9.75


JTWhatsApp stands out for its extensive customization options, allowing users to personalize their messaging interface according to their preferences.

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Additional Info
Developer NameJTWhatsApp
CategoryAPP, APK, Game
Size65 MB
Requires AndroidAndroid 4.4 and higher
Last UpdatedAUGUST 2023

About JTWhatsApp

JTWhatsApp is a modified version of the popular messaging app, WhatsApp, designed to offer users an enhanced messaging experience with a plethora of customization options. Developed by third-party developers, JTWhatsApp provides unique features and functionalities not available in the official WhatsApp application. With its focus on customization and additional privacy settings, JTWhatsApp has gained popularity among users seeking a personalized and versatile messaging platform. In this article, we will delve into what JTWhatsApp is all about, its key features, benefits, and important considerations for users.

Customization Features:

JTWhatsApp stands out for its extensive customization options, allowing users to personalize their messaging interface according to their preferences. The app offers a wide range of themes, colors, and styles, enabling users to create a unique and visually appealing messaging experience. From changing chat backgrounds to customizing chat bubble colors, JTWhatsApp allows users to tailor their messaging app to reflect their individual taste.

Enhanced Privacy Settings:

Privacy is a top priority for many messaging app users, and JTWhatsApp caters to this concern with its additional privacy settings. The modded version provides options to hide the “Online” status, disable the “Typing” indicator, and control who can view profile pictures and statuses. These privacy settings offer users more control over their online presence and interactions within the app.

Media Sharing and Quality:

JTWhatsApp enhances media sharing capabilities, allowing users to send images and videos without compromising on quality. The app provides higher resolution options for sharing media files, ensuring that images and videos are received with better clarity and detail.

Anti-Delete Messages:

One notable feature of JTWhatsApp is the “Anti-Delete Messages” option. This feature prevents other users from deleting messages sent to you, ensuring that your chat history remains intact even if the sender decides to delete the messages on their end.

Message Scheduling:

JTWhatsApp includes a message scheduling feature, enabling users to schedule messages to be sent at a specific date and time. This feature is convenient for users who want to send messages at specific moments or when they may be busy.


While JTWhatsApp offers exciting customization and privacy options, users should be aware of potential drawbacks and risks:

  1. Third-Party Source: JTWhatsApp is not an official release by WhatsApp Inc., and its development is done by independent developers. Users should exercise caution when downloading and using third-party apps, as they may not undergo the same level of scrutiny and security checks as official apps.
  2. Security Concerns: Using modded versions of apps like JTWhatsApp may expose users to security risks or privacy concerns, as they might not be subject to the same rigorous security measures as the official WhatsApp.
  3. Compatibility and Updates: Modded apps may not receive regular updates or may face compatibility issues with future WhatsApp updates, potentially affecting the user experience.


JTWhatsApp offers a host of customization options and enhanced privacy settings, making it an appealing choice for users seeking a more personalized messaging experience. While the app provides exciting features not found in the official WhatsApp, users should be aware of the potential security risks associated with using third-party mods. Ultimately, the decision to use JTWhatsApp or any other modified app lies with the user, and they should consider their preferences and security concerns before making their choice.

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